Sligo Black Washed 100% Ramie Fabric


100% washed ramie

Native to China, ramie is a linen-like fibre made from nettles and which is classified as a cellulose fiber, just like cotton, linen and rayon. Ramie fibers comes from the stem of a nettle plant called China grass (Boehmeria nivea). It looks similar to European nettle but it does not have prickles & is twice as strong as linen.

They are just perfect for many uses, especially some wonderful projects including clothes & home decor.

Also Available as a fat 1/4

Approx. 25cm x Width of Fabric Approx 140cm (54″)

To order 1m of fabric place 4 x Long 1/4s into your basket
3 x Long 1/4s = 75cm
2 x Long 1/4s = 50cm etc


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