Tree of Life Fabric Pack


Lynette Anderson’s  ‘’The Tree of Life’’, is a five-part block of the month quilt, measuring 32” x 36” finished size.

This Kit includes everything to make the top of the quilt – thread pack can also be requested.

Lynette uses trees in many of her designs, as they are a symbol of strength and endurance.  This design has been inspired by the Egyptian Tree of Life. The Tree of Life (an Acacia Tree in this case) depicts the five stages of human life shown as birds; infancy, childhood, youth, adulthood and maturity.

The Tree of Life BOM is not included in this kit but is available as a whole pattern that includes the hand painted buttons

Alternatively, if you’d like to receive the pattern as a block per month, do not purchase through our website – please contact us (£11.95 per month plus postage)


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