Tea Cup Bag Pattern No. 2 by Hatched & Patched


The Tea Cup Bag pattern No. 2 by Hatched & Patched, has a stitched scallop of tea-cups and tea-pots, which is the edge of 4 pockets which can house spoons, sugar tea-bags and the like. There is also the option of removing the scallop from the bag for a simpler look, or simply making the scallop without the stitchery component.

The bag is then used to house your favourite tea-cup from which to drink, which is closed using a draw-string, and finished off with a handle. This is a great addition to take to sewing groups, or when out-and-about where using disposable cups is out of the question!

It would look great in the Tealicious fabrics by Hatched & Patched

Finished size –  4.5” wide x 6” high

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