Starry Eyed Table Runner pattern


This beautiful table runner designed by The Bird House has three appliqued designs along the centre.  Click on the thumbnails to see the applique designs.

You will need:
fat 1/8th of 6 coloured fabrics
fat 1/4 or 30cm light print for background
scraps of extra fabric for applique, including cream, black & skintone
DMC ecru, 221 red, 739 cream, 3042 purple, 310 black, 3011 green, 801 brown (please email or call to order DMC)
1-2 packets of patchwork 1" diamond papers (for the 6 pointed stars)
30cm x 35cm (24" x 14") thin wadding x 2
matching cotton for applique
tan fine point pigma pen
chalk pencil & water erasable marker
straw or milliner’s needle
general sewing supplies
light box optional

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