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Mary’s Bean Bags – Details & Instructions

This Safety First panel has been created to make facemasks, but our Mary has come up with another ingenious idea for this panel.  They make a really fun set of bean bags too & great fun for the summer holidays!

Children could assist in making them, then play the game throwing them into a bucket to see who wins or using them for the new game that’s all the rage Cornhole!  We’ve got a demonstration of Mary’s Cornhole game on our You Tube channel:

Marys Bean Bags

Bean Bags for Summer Fun
You will need : one mask panel and 2 x 500g popping corn or similar

This summer the latest craze is Cornhole, a lawn game from North America where you toss bean bags onto a sloping board with a hole in it. If you land on the board you get a point, if you get through the hole it is worth two points. Play in teams or individuals.

Or be very British and find an old bucket, aim and shoot away!!!!!

Take your mask panel and cut out the 5 children’s masks leaving the two sides joined on one of the long sides. If you want to make bigger bean bags do the same with the adult mask panels. Otherwise make a sixth child size panel from one of the adult masks and cut to the same size as the other panels. I used the remaining fabric to make my bean bags double thickness so use the instructions and left over adult mask panels to do this. If you are using all the masks to make more bean bags use scrap fabric for the inner lining.

Take a mask panel and with right side up lay it onto a scrap piece the same size. Fold in half with the right side inside the fold. Stitch around with a ¼” seam leaving a small hole for filling the bag on the unfolded long side. Leave the smallest hole you can comfortably fill your bean bag through. This will be quite small if you have a funnel , a bit larger if you need to use a spoon. You can make a funnel from a square of cereal box rolled up and fastened with sellotape.

Clip the corners a little and then turn to the right side, being careful with the layers and the patterned right side should now be in full view!

Fill with popping corn, rice, lentils or plastic polybeads. I used about 150-175g of popping corn per bag.

Slip stitch the opening closed with tiny stitches.

Finally keeping the corn out of the way, top stitch around the whole bag to make sure you don’t lose any filling during play.

Please note: the food based fillings are best kept dry.

Have plenty of summer fun!!!!!