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Backyard Happenings Spring bunting instructions


This is a lovely little project to put together quickly. It is also the perfect way to introduce children or beginners to some simple sewing.

You will need

A Backyard Happenings Bunting kit

Thread to match the panels (off white or beige) plus thread to match the bunting tape.

Sewing machine and general sewing notions, scissors, pins etc


Press all your fabric before starting. This ensures accurate cutting and piecing.

Cut all pieces of fabric into 8″ squares to match the size of the images.

Arrange the flags that will face forward in an order that you like and take a photo for reference. I alternated an image with a patterned fabric piece. You will have 9 flag fronts.

Next arrange the fabrics for the back of the flags to also make a pleasing display that spreads the colours and patterns evenly.


Pair up each front and back with right sides together and pin or clip to hold in place. Make sure any directional designs are facing the right way up.

Sew down the right hand side, across the bottom and up the other side on each flag. DO NOT sew across the top.

Trim a small triangle off the bottom two corners making sure not to cut through the seams. This makes the turning out easier.

Turn the flags the right way out, easing out the corners to make neat squares.

Making sure the flags and seams are straight, press each flag neatly. At this stage you can top stitch the three sewn sides if desired but it is not essential.

Lay the bunting tape down and finger press in half as you lay each flag into the fold, face up in the desired order, use your photo for reference. Remember to leave a tail each end of the bunting tape approximately 45cm/18″ long for ease of hanging later. Place each flag about 2″ or 5cm apart. Pin or clip the flags in place.

Tucking in the end of the tape, start sewing all the way along the tape anchoring down both sides of the tape and the flag as you go. Sew as close to the lower edge of the tape as possible but check that you are catching both sides. You can use a straight running stitch or a zig zag or decorative stitch if you prefer. Sew all the way along. Check for any stray threads and hang with pride and a little smile.