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Fresh Ideas for the Fresh Weather

We hope you are keeping yourselves warm as the days shorten and the air cools. We have plenty to keep you occupied as the nights draw in so much quicker already.

We have had a delivery from Anni Downs at Hatched and Patched. We have more stock of some of our most popular patterns plus two new ones. Market Garden Quilt and O Christmas Tree Wallhanging. We have put kits together for these fun patterns. More details below.

Also due in any day from Australia are the first block patterns of George and the Donkey by Lynette Anderson. We will be sending these out to everyone who has already subscribed but we do have just a few spare if anyone wants to join in.

Amongst all our beautiful fabrics and patterns we tend to forget about the basics we need. This week we take a look at the needles and threads that we stock. All necessary for any sewing project. We hope you find the information useful.

A reminder that we have extended the Christmas Mini Charm challenge until December 9th. For the chance to win a £25 shop voucher and all the full details visit our blog here.

Have a wonderful week.

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Market Garden Quilt Pattern

Look at this beautiful quilt pattern by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched.
We have put together a quilt kit for this using many of her gorgeous fabrics and our Lanacot Wools. Plus, a separate DMC pack. We adore the wool appliqué flowers, beetles, birds and fruit on pretty pieced backgrounds. We think there may be a few of us at the shop vying to make a sample of this one!
The quilt is 56”x56” (142x142cm) and has 20 different images to play with, all using woven wool and stitchery.
george and the donkey bom pictures

George and the Donkey by Lynette Anderson

Just trotting in to the shop is a cute Donkey accompanied by George! We have been awaiting the arrival of this pretty new Block Of the Month (BOM) for quite some time. A mix of needle turn appliqué, English Paper piecing, embroidery and machine piecing.

We have lots of subscribers to this already but we do have a few spare copies of the pattern and fabric kits available, so if you feel like you would like to join in it’s not too late to sign up.

You can either pay for a complete set up front and be sent each block as it arrives or pay monthly by contacting us to set up a subscription.
George and the Donkey BOM

Needles and Threads

How can we possibly make any of our wonderful projects without the basics of needles and threads. At Coast and Country we have threads and needles for every situation.

machine needles


We stock a variety of hand and machine needles for embroidery to piecing, quilting to general stitching and needle felting.

Hand Needles -

Online we have Tulip and Hemline Premium Needles for embroidery, quilting, piecing, applique and sashiko.
Hand needles come in various sizes. The general rule is the higher the number the finer the needle.

Tulip Hiroshima sewing and quilting needles are of the finest quality and made to exacting standards which include more than 30 different manufacturing processes to ensure each needle is safe and finished to supreme excellence. Elegantly packaged in a corked vial inside a coloured box.

Hemline Premium needles with their gold eyes, are excellent quality at a lower price and come in a handy storage case.

Plus in store we also stock John James needles. If you wish to order the John James needles, please call and we will assist you.

Machine Needles

We highly recommend the Schmetz machine needles. SCHMETZ has been manufacturing quality sewing machine needles since 1851. SCHMETZ is internationally known as the finest sewing machine needle manufacturer in the world.

We also sell Hemline Machine Needles which are cheaper but still produce beautiful stitches.

Your choice of high quality sewing machine needles can result in
maintaining smooth, even stitches in your work. Unlike Hand sewing needles, with machine needles the higher the number the heavier the needle.


As with hand sewing needles, threads come in different sizes or weights for different uses. In general the higher the thread weight the finer it is. So a 12 or 30 weight are ideal for hand or machine quilting as they sit more on the top of the fabric. Whereas a finer 50 or 60 weight give less bulky seams for piecing and finer work. Online stock is detailed below but we also stock Mettler threads. Please contact us with your requirements.

Aurifil Threads

Aurifil threads are beautifully smooth to work with and come in a huge variety of colours. We stock 40, 50 and 80 weight threads. The 40 weight are great for quilting to give more definition. The 50 weight are ideal for piecing and general sewing as they give a less bulky seam.
80 weight are perfect for paper piecing or needle turn applique as the thread is finer and more easily hidden.


All the threads undergo 15 steps before they become a spool ready for use, ensuring they are so very smooth with no splitting or shedding. The spools are sold individually but we also stock the 50 weight in colour builder packs of three which represent great value for money.
We also stock Aurifil Wool thread packs especially for The Santa, The Tree, The Turkey and Me by Hatched and Patched.


DMC Threads

100% Standard Cotton Thread
We have a huge selection of DMC in stock, please give us a call if you need a specific colour and we will add it to your order or type the DMC colour number in the customer comments box after adding this to your order. The pretty variegated Coloris range are especially gorgeous. We also offer DMC thread packs to coordinate with many of our fabric packs and patterns and can make packs up for you as needed.

Gutermann Threads

Gutermann has been our stalwart thread of choice since opening. We stock a huge variety of their ranges and they never fail us.

Hand Quilting Thread -
Fine but strong with a waxed finish which gives Gutermann quilting thread added strength and ensures that is never tangles.

Cotton 12 Thread
This is a slightly thicker thread, suitable for both hand and machine embroidery designs. This thread it great for more sturdy work, with wool, leather, button holding, etc. We recommend using Machine needle size 90.

Cotton 30 thread
This weight thread is ideal for quilting, top stitches, decorative seams and for closing and backstitch seams.

Cotton 50 thread
100% mercerized cotton.
Fine but strong with a silk-like lustre. For those who prefer to sew with natural fibres. Suitable for hand and machine sewing.

Machine Embroidery Thread
Versatile embroidery thread for decorative machine stitching and quilting. Available in Rayon and metallic for all embellishing and machine embroidery needs.

Cotton Perle threads
We love using perle threads for embroidery and hand quilting. The Anchor Variegated perle 8 threads are particularly beautiful when combined with woolfelts

Cotton 12
Cotton 30
Machine embroidery

O Christmas Tree Wallhanging Kit

o christmas tree wall hanging
The Coast and Country Crafts and Quilts Fairies have been in full blown kit making mode this week. Not only making kits for Market Garden Quilt but also Lazy Gardener by Tilda and O Christmas Tree by Anni Downs.

The fabric kit for the O Christmas Tree Panel includes the panel, the pattern from Anni Downs and the coordinating fabrics from the O Christmas Tree range for the piecing and binding. Such a jolly little festive make. Finished hanging is approximately 32" x 42"

Tilda Lazy Gardener's Quilt Kit

This vibrant kit contains the materials needed for the top and binding of the Lazy Gardener's Quilt. Featuring bright and bold fabrics from the Garden Life range by Tilda and the beautiful accompanying Chambrays.

As this range is an older one there are a couple of repeats of fabric due to some being permanently out of stock but they are all Garden Life fabrics and will give the same overall look. This will be difficult to repeat fully again because of many of the fabrics now being unavailable.

Pattern included with this kit.

Finished size: 56.5"x74.5"


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Lazy Gardener Quilt Kit
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