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Moda Cake Mix Recipe Workshop

In March we had our third workshop using Moda’s Cake Mix Recipe Pads with 10″ Layer Cakes.  They make super quick and accurate quilt blocks, a bit like sewing by numbers!

There are 8 Cake Mix Recipes & each one is a recipe for block parts that makes baking a Layer Cake quilt easier than ever.
Simply take two Moda 10″ Layer Cake squares, a dark one underneath & a light one on top with right sides together, then a recipe page on top.  Pin them together & sew on the dotted lines as directed, then cut out on the solid lines.  Press open with an iron & tear off the paper.  Arrange each piece in your chosen design, (there are layout ideas on each Cake Mix Pad), then sew them together with 1/4″ seam allowance.  It’s as simple as that!

There’s also a lovely new Cake Mix Quilt Book giving you lots of ideas & coloured pictures of designs for each of the Cake Mix Recipes available.  There are also 4 Cupcake Mix Recipes for the 5″ Charm Packs!

Why not have a go, they’re all available on our website.